Have Allergies And Want A Puppy? 2 Puppies To Choose From

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If you have allergies, it can be difficult to be around dogs and cats. Fortunately, there are dogs that are hypoallergenic that should not bother your allergies. Keep reading to learn about two puppies you can choose from.  

Afghan Hound 

The Afghan Hound is tall and skinny and is considered to be a medium to large-sized dog. They can get up to approximately 55 to 60 pounds. Afghan Hounds shed very little which is why they are hypoallergenic. 

One thing you must consider about the Afghan Hound is they are high-maintenance dogs. Their hair grows long so it must be brushed once a day. The dog should get weekly baths and use a dog conditioner to make it easier to comb out their fur. A dog groomer can show you how to properly brush this dog and tell you how often you should have their hair trimmed. 

Afghan Hounds are independent dogs but still love to spend time with their family members. If socialized properly, this breed gets along well with other animals and people.  This breed has a lot of energy so should have a place to run each day. Take your dog for a long walk every day. Having a fenced-in backyard is perfect for this dog so they can run free and fast. 


If you would like to have a small dog, the Maltese is a good choice for you. These dogs shed very little making them hypoallergenic. Their fur is curly so brush your Maltese daily to prevent their fur from matting. Because they are so small brushing will not take a lot of time.

The Maltese make a great family dog as they are loving, gentle, and affectionate. They are also known to be smart and obedient so do well with dog training whether at home or from a dog trainer. These dogs are playful so have a lot of toys around for them to play with.  If you have children, the puppy will enjoy playing with them as long as they are not too rough. 

The Maltese do not like to be alone and will stay around you throughout the day. They follow their human around and will jump in your lap when you sit down. If you are gone much of the time every day this would not be a good choice for you. 

Look for hypoallergenic puppies for sale near you.


21 February 2023

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