A Maltipoo May Be The Puppy You Should Bring Home

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Has your family decided the time has come to welcome a new daily member into the household? If your family is ready for a puppy, then think about a Maltipoo. This is a dog that's bred from a Maltese and a miniature or toy poodle. There are a lot of nice things about this breed, and you should familiarize yourself with some of them. This way, you can make an informed decision on the puppy you decide to bring home. Learn more here about Maltipoo puppies, so you will see why one might be a great fit with your family: 

Maltipoos tend to have long lifespans

The lifespan of a breed may not be the first thing on your mind when you are trying to choose the right breed for your family. However, maybe it should be. Would you rather bond with and cherish a dog whose lifespan is likely only to be 7-9 years or a dog with a possible lifespan of more than 15 years? Both Malteses and poodles have very long lifespans, so you should expect there to be a great chance of your Maltipoo living a very long life. 

Maltipoos have a nice size to them

If you are looking for a smaller breed of dog, but you still want them to be hardy enough that you don't have to worry about them being too fragile for your home, then a Maltipoo may be a great puppy for you to get. Maltipoos can vary in size, while still staying in that small category. If you do want a very tiny dog, then you can look around and get a Maltipoo from breeding between small parents, and you may end up with one that grows up to weigh less than ten pounds! However, you'll find they generally get about a foot tall and weigh around 15 pounds. 

Maltipoos have great personalities

There are some things a person will often hope for when looking for the right puppy. One of these things is loyalty. They want a dog that will bond with them and their immediate family, and not run off with the first person who pays them attention. A Maltipoo is generally a very loyal dog. Many people also want a loving dog that wants to lie on their lap or next to them on the sofa. The Maltipoo is a breed that will usually love to stay by their owner and is willing to take all the cuddling they can get.

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27 January 2022

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