4 Possible Dog Cancer Indicators To Spot

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Just as with humans, the dangers and risks of cancer in dogs are serious and widespread. Pet owners must understand these concerns and take proactive steps to recognize warning signs. As a bit of comfort, fortunately, some indicators may not be very difficult to spot. Learn more about recognizing some of the signs associated with cancer in dogs so that you can act accordingly. 

1. Abnormal Growths

As you groom or love on your pet, pay attention to any raised or lumpy areas around their body. These spots could be an indication of an abnormal growth, such as a possible tumor. Growths should never be considered normal, even if your dog does not seem to favor the spot or indicate pain. You want to speak with a healthcare professional to have the growth biopsied to determine the origin of the cells and the makeup of the excess tissue. 

2. Unexplained Pain

As you walk your pet and monitor their daily activities, always keep a close watch when you notice that your animal seems to be avoiding certain movements or favoring one part of the body. This type of behavior is generally how dogs handle pain since they are unable to verbally express it. Cancer can cause inflammation and joint concerns, and advanced stages of the disease can attack the muscle, which can all lead to discomfort. 

3. Dramatic Weight Loss

Unless you recently changed your dog's diet or daily activity, they should maintain a relatively consistent weight. It is important to note that weight loss on its own is not an indication of cancer, but dramatic weight loss can be in some scenarios. Dramatic weight loss can be classified as a weight reduction that occurs over a short amount of time or as considerable weight loss. 

4. Waste Elimination Changes

You should also be watchful if your dog begins to have a hard time going to the bathroom. Certain cancers can block the waste passages, which can make the elimination process more of a challenge or painful. It is also common for blood to be present in waste with certain types of cancer. Again, the biggest thing to look out for is any new behaviors out of the norm.

If you notice any warning signs or have any other concerns about the wellbeing of your dog, be sure to take your pet to a healthcare professional as soon as possible. 

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26 May 2021

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