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If you are looking for a kitten, but you don't want just any domestic kitten and would prefer something special, unique, and interesting, then you may want to think about bringing home a Bengal. There are so many fascinating things about the Bengal breed that you'll have fun learning about them and even more fun when it comes to finally picking your new Bengal kitten out. You can learn about some of the Bengal characteristics you may find your new kitten growing up to have by reading here.

Bengals were created from wild cats

One of the more interesting things that you will want to know about the Bengal breed is that this type of cat was originally created by breeding a domesticated cat with an Asian leopard. This means when you bring home a cute little Bengal kitten, you will also be bringing home a kitten that has wild ancestors. If you have always had an appreciation for wildlife and wished to be closer to it, this is a great way for you to safely do so.

Bengals are very active

If you were hoping to find a cat that can keep up with your active child, or that will entertain you with plenty of crazy antics, then you will appreciate the active and often silly antics of the Bengal. This cat is full of energy and they tend to have a lot of personality to go with it. You do want to be prepared for all of that energy by being willing to keep your cat stocked with plenty of toys and by keeping your valuable decorations well out of their reach. Also, with that extra energy comes a love for jumping and climbing, so it's also a good idea to install high walkways for them to explore throughout the house. Or, you can install an outdoor enclosure the cat can access through an open window to enjoy the outdoors without escaping.

Bengals are very intelligent

You may be surprised by just how intelligent the Bengal breed is. This is a cat you will be able to teach tricks, as you would a dog. However, with that extra intelligence can also come some trouble making. You want to be on your toes with this breed, as they may even steal from you and hide important things like your keys and wallet. They may even learn how to open the refrigerator to get foods they find tasty and can turn off the lights on you.  

Bengals love to go for walks

You want to keep your Bengal as an indoor cat, or you risk someone trying to steal it, or it getting injured or lost. However, your Bengal will love to go outdoors, and this can be done by taking it on walks. Bengals are easy to teach to walk on a leash like a dog. You should put your Bengal on a harness, as a collar can be dangerous for them to wear if it gets caught on something when you aren't watching and strangle your cat.

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11 December 2018

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