New Pet Owner? 3 Ways To Make Grooming Easier

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If you're a new pet owner, you might not have had the leisure of taking your dog to the groomer yet. However, just know that it's coming. For many young pets and new owners, the grooming experience is stressful. However, there are measures you can take to make the process easier for you, the dog, and even the groomer. Here are some of the tips you should exercise.

1. Start Early

Ideally, the grooming process should start as soon as possible. The earlier you start the process, the less fear involved. For example, when learning to swim, most people suggest that people learn while they are still children. As a person gets older, they develop a fear of water and are less likely to participate in lessons freely. Your pet is the same. 

As a young puppy, grooming is a new experience they will take on with ease, as puppies are more easy-going. However, if you wait until the animal is older to introduce the practice, they will be resistant. Different breeds have different grooming requirements but start your pet as soon as it's recommended.  

2. Groom at Home

Professional grooming is essential, but you should also do your part at home. For instance, you don't just go to the dentist to protect your teeth. You also brush and floss at home. Grooming should be approached from the same angle. 

Grooming at home should involve regular brushing. In fact, especially if you have a dog with a thick coat, you may want to brush every day. The more often you brush, the less likely the coat is to get matted. The better the condition of their fur when they go to the groomer, the smoother the process. 

3. Stay on Schedule

You must stay on schedule with your grooming appointments. After you take your pet to the groomer the first time, you will be provided with instructions for when the animal should return. These instructions aren't just a wild guess. The instructions are instead based on the breed of the animal. 

When you don't stay on schedule, you put your dog's health at risk. For example, if their nails get too long, the animal may experience pain. However, long nails can also reduce paw traction, which increases the risk of injury to the pet, especially when running. Grooming keeps your pet healthier.

Grooming is a regular part of caring for your dog, so make sure you take your dog to a groomer and do your part at home. Reach out to a center like Sylvan Corner Pet Hospital for more information.


8 August 2018

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