How To Keep Your Canine Companion Safe And Happy While You Host Holiday Parties

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Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, you're undoubtedly looking forward to hosting seasonal festivities in your home. If you've recently added a furry friend to your household, you're probably also looking forward to enjoying your first holiday season with your new pet. However, holiday festivities all too often end in tragedy for pets -- they can slip through opened doors as guests come and go, and some holiday foods aren't safe for dogs to eat. 

Here's how to help ensure that your furry friend survives the holiday season:

Take Precautions to Prevent Your Dog From Getting Loose 

Assigning dog duty to a responsible older child during smaller seasonal gatherings may prevent mishaps such as your canine companion from slipping through opened doors or gates. Not only does a loose dog run the risk of falling victim to neighborhood traffic, other dangers exist such as antifreeze that has leaked onto a nearby surface -- its sweet taste hides poison that is fatal to dogs. 

For holiday gatherings involving more than just a few guests, sequestering your dog in a quiet room ensures that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy the party and that your canine companion will be safe and sound at the end of the evening.

Keep Food and Beverages Out of Your Pup's Reach

With tables and countertops overflowing with holiday food and drink, it's important to keep a sharp eye on your pet to make sure it doesn't sneak food off these surfaces. This should be easy enough if you've got a toy breed, but many larger dogs will have no problem getting up on their hind legs to access tasty treats. Be particularly careful if you're using tablecloths -- your pet may bring the entire feast crashing down on the floor!

Guests are often unaware that many holiday foods aren't appropriate for dogs. Your five-year-old niece, for instance, may think it's cute to sneak your pup a piece of chocolate cake, but that could mean interrupting the festivities for a trip to the local emergency vet. Even foods that aren't poisonous to dogs can cause health issues -- for instance, calorie overload can stress vital organs as well as cause temporary weight gain. Calories add up quickly when multiple guests give your furry friend a small treat.

 Always keep the contact information of your local animal clinic close at hand so that you won't lose precious minutes searching for it in the event your pet needs quick medical attention. Contact a vet office like Evergreen Veterinary Clinic for more information and assistance. 


14 November 2017

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