Grooming Tips For Your Coton De Tulear

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One of the things you must do when you purchase a coton de tulear puppy for sale is get into a regular brushing routine. Cotons have a wonderful, flowing coat that can look bad and matted if not properly maintained. Though you can have your dog's coat trimmed, it just won't look as good as having the full coat. Here are some tips on how to get into the grooming habit with your new coton de tulear.

Gather the Right Tools

Before bringing your dog home, make sure you have the right tools for grooming this long-haired breed. You will need pin brushes, soft brushes and combs designed for a coton de tulear's type of hair. A comb with long teeth, such as a poodle comb, is a great choice. Have a water bottle handy as well. You should also have special shampoo and degreasers made just for dogs. And, of course, towels and a hair dryer are immensely helpful.

Get Started As Soon As Possible

As soon as your new dog is settled, take a soft brush and do a light grooming. Keep the first few grooming sessions short and stop if the dog seems fearful or fussy. Be gentle and playful letting your dog check out your grooming tools. Your end goal is that this becomes something he likes, so be sure to make it a positive experience. You may also want to reward your dog after you're done.

Grooming Tips

Grooming on a table or elevated surface, such as your lap, makes things a lot easier. Most of the grooming should be done while the dog is laying on his side, except when grooming the legs and belly. In that case, your dog should be on his back. If your dog is young, it may take some practice, training and patience to encourage the dog to remain still. Before brushing, use your water bottle to lightly spray or mist your dog's hair as it makes combing and detangling easier.

Bathe Regularly

You'll want to bathe your dog at least once every few weeks or whenever they need it. Before bathing, it's very important that you gently brush and remove tangles or matting as bathing could make things worse. Use only a small amount of water for lathering and be sure not to get soap in your dog's eyes, nose and ears. Don't scrub the coat, simply shampoo and rinse out. Dry gently with a soft towel before using a dryer and brushing and combing.

Regular grooming and bathing your coton de tulear will keep his coat looking soft and flowing. If you prefer, you can have the more complicated grooming procedures, including cleaning ears and trimming nails, done by a professional groomer. Regular grooming not only keeps the hair soft and smooth, but your dog will enjoy it.


26 September 2017

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