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Becoming a dog owner is one of the best feelings in the world, and when you buy a dog you have a great responsibility. The dog that you bring into your home is not just a pet, but that dog becomes a member of your family. You likely have your dog on a eating schedule, and have gotten all of the shots. One of the most important things that you can do is realize when your dog is having a medical emergency. The problem is recognizing when your dog is going through one of those emergencies. This article will cover a few of the different times when you need to seek an emergency veterinarian.


One of the most common and deadly problems that can occur in a dog is called bloat. This is a condition where the intestines of the dog are obstructed in one way or another. Most of the time the problem will arise when the dog has eaten something that can't be digested. It can also happen when the intestine simply gets kinked. If this is not caught early it can actually be fatal for the dog. Some of the characteristics of bloat are; restlessness, trying to vomit but not being able to do so, and also shivering in pain.

Changes In Diet

You know your dog better than anyone and it is important that you monitor eating habits very closely. It is not uncommon for some dogs to miss a meal every once in awhile. However, if you notice that you dog is simply not eating or drinking it is likely a major problem. One of the reasons that a dog will skip a meal is because something is actually wrong with the liver. Liver disease is one of the main reasons a dog will skip meals.


Do not be fooled at just how tough dogs are. While dogs are extremely durable, a dog that has gone through any type of trauma needs to be taken to the doctor. It does not matter what type of trauma, whether falling off a ledge or even a dogfight. Since dogs are so tough they will likely show few signs of trauma, but a dog that is extremely tired all of the time can be a sign of a major problem. You may also notice that your dog does not have normal amounts of energy and just is not acting like he or she normally does. 

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26 September 2017

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