Boarding Your Dogs While You Go Away

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Planning a trip can be exciting, but you may begin worrying about how your dogs will behave while you're away. Boarding them at a nearby kennel can ensure that they have attention and are kept occupied; just find out about the following issues before you leave.

Will Your Dogs Be Together?

Kennels vary when determining how to house dogs that stay with them. Each dog might get their own space, or dogs of different sizes could be houses together. It's important that your dogs, already used to spending each day in each other's company, are kept together. This can make them feel better about where they are and give you some relief too.

Will They Take Walks?

Common areas are a mainstay of kennels. All the dogs have access to an area where they can play, use the bathroom if necessary and otherwise interact. However, you may want to ensure your dogs get more attention. In that case, ask about whether you can perhaps pay an extra fee to have a staff member walk your dogs together at the time when they usually would be out for a walk with you.

What Happens in the Event of a Fight?

Whether your dogs have been socialized and regularly play with other dogs or spend all day at home, it's possible that another dog may antagonize them. They might start a dust up with another dog. It's essential to find out how such a situation is resolved, because you want to make sure that your dogs are disciplined in a manner that will be familiar to them. You might offer some suggestions and directions for the staff so that they can do what you might do in that situation.

Can They Have Their Own Toys?

Some kennels will encourage toys, old tees, and other items which may help your dogs feel good about staying in the facility. Ask about how they ensure other dogs won't be touching or taking their things.

Is Video Viewing Available? 

You may love your time away from the house, but you might miss your dogs as well. Find out whether there's a video link or another way of checking in on the dogs and feeling better about leaving them with the kennel staff.

Your dogs could end up having just as much fun as you do when you're on vacation. Just address these issues to feel better about their experience. Contact a dog boarding service to get started.


24 September 2017

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