Helpful Tips For Your Lab Puppy's 2 Most Important First-Day Activities: Potty Breaks & Mealtime

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One of the best decisions parents can make is to adopt a Labrador retriever puppy to grow up with their children. Labrador retrievers are playful, intelligent, honest, and kind, which makes them a great pet for small children to grow up with. And while bringing home a new puppy will be an exciting adventure for you, your spouse, and your children, it can also lead to sleepless nights and potty accidents, particularly in the first several days.

After all, your puppy will need to learn how to navigate a whole new world without their mama and siblings. Here are a few tips to help with two very important activities. 

Potty Training 

Fortunately, most breeders do their best to make sure their puppies are potty trained before they are adopted. However, since most 8-10 week old Labradors can only hold about an hour's worth of urine during the day, so you can expect a lot of little accidents the first few days if you don't pay strict attention to the time. To avoid this, the first thing to do when you get home with your puppy is to take him out for a potty break. Then, set an alarm to go off at least every hour the first few days so you can be reminded that it's time to head outside. 

Chances are, if you let your puppy run outside on their own, they'll pee as soon as their little paws touch the grass. Instead, carry your puppy to the area in the yard that you want it to use as their potty and only put him down on the ground when you reach that area. You'll want to stay in that area until your puppy takes care of business or it may follow you, which may lead to confusion for the puppy as to where the toileting area should be. 


Your little Labrador won't be little much longer. He'll need a lot of good nutritious food to help him grow. He will probably be very hungry after making the journey to your home. After you've taken him out for a potty break, show him where his meals will be. Don't be surprised if he wolfs down the food as soon as he puts his little snout in the bowl. But don't let this greedy behavior fool you into putting too much food in his dish or his belly could get upset, especially because of all the excitement and stress of being in a new home with new people. 

Speak with a puppy breeder, like Misty Rivers Kennel, for more tips and advice for welcoming your puppy home.


23 September 2017

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