Tips For Maintaining Good Water Quality In Your Turtle Tank

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Keeping your turtle's water clean is an important part in his keeping, especially since it's where he eats and spends a lot of his time. Like fish in aquariums, your turtle's water environment needs to meet certain specifications in order to keep him healthy. This means that you have to work to keep it clean and balanced. Though exact water quality needs vary between species, there are basic requirements for all turtles. Here are three things that you should do to keep your turtle's water quality healthy:

Choose a Good Size Tank

It easier to maintain good water quality in a larger tank than a smaller one. Waste and debris build up more quickly in a smaller tank, so it will be more work to keep things healthy. Another item to consider is how many turtles you are planning on keeping. Size and space vary between species, but for a turtle about the size and disposition of a red-eared slider, you should think of having at least 10 gallons for each inch or turtle. Be aware that some turtles get very large as they age, so you will need to upgrade eventually.

Keep Ammonia, Chlorine, and Nitrates Down

Ammonia and nitrates can cause your turtle harm and shorten its life. There are test kits for these chemicals at any aquarium or reptile shop to help you monitor their levels. You want to aim for no ammonia and chlorine and only a minimal amount of nitrates. Generally, you want to cycle your turtle tank before you get your turtles, preferably with live plants, in order for good bacteria to form and balance out the bad chemicals. During this time, you can also help by changing a percentage of the water on a regular basis. Make sure you treat all new water with a dechlorinator before adding it to the tank.

Install a Good Filter

Another necessary tool for maintaining good water quality is having a good filter. Even though you can be diligent at straining out excess food and other materials, you will still get a buildup of waste. Filters can catch things that you can't see. Because of the type and volume of waste turtles produce, there are special turtle tank filters which are specifically designed for this kind of waste. One other thing you can do to help clean up waste is to use an aquarium vacuum regularly, especially if you have gravel.

Even though your turtle won't live in the water all the time, you must make sure that it is as pristine as possible. Not only will your turtle stay healthy, but your tank will look great and be a pleasure to look at. Be sure to talk to a reptile dealer about setting up a tank, first, before you pick out your turtles. That way you will have everything ready before you bring them home.

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20 September 2017

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